Battery Operated Toys

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  • 1960's Happy'n Sad Magic Face Accordian Clown Circus Carnival Coney Island Toy
  • Vintage 1950's-1960's Tin Jumbo The Bubble Blowing Elephant Box Japan Works
  • Mint 1950's Battery Operated Pierrot-monkey Cycle Tin Litho Circus Clown Toy
  • Excellent Rosko Battery Operated Gino The Neapolitan Balloon Blower 1950s Japan
  • Mint 1950's Battery Operated Barney Bear The Drummer Boy Marching Band Toy Alps
  • Working 1960's Tric-cycling Clown Battery Operated Tin Litho Circus Carnival Toy
  • High Jinks At The Circus Clown & Aerial Chimp Alps Japan In Original Box
  • Vintage Tin Battery Operated Big Ring Circus Vhtf Works Great! Mfg Japan Read